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Listener Comments

The family gathers round when you are on air Minister Matson. We are all Christians in a country in which we are a minority. It is important for us to hear the teachings of the Bible from someone that we feel we can trust and someone who has the skills to teach us effectively. You ministry reaches us with excellent teaching every week and it is only on a rare occasion that we miss your broadcasts. Many blessings in your work!

Nisha Sharma
Bhopal, India

There are moments of realization for all of us. I have been listening to you for a good many months and you have given me many "light bulb" moments when I just suddenly realized what God is talking about. I owe you a big Thank You!

Terri Joiner

I have changed so much over the years. I grew up in a Christian family, but I didn't really start to make real progress until I started listening to On The Path. You really charged my Christian battery!

Millie Barlow

I am hard of hearing so I miss a lot of what's on the radio, but that is not the situation with you. I hear and understand all you say. You are a real blessing.

Martha Sikes
Winston-Salem, N.C.

Dear Mr. Curt, You are a revival on the radio. That is the only way I can describe it. Solid teaching beats all that shouting any day. You reach out and save people from a life of sin and eternity in hell.

Caring in Christ,
Pam Mallard

Dear Pastor Matson, You say it all so well. Just the way the Lord wants to hear it. Faith comes by hearing and I hear you loud and clear.

Patsy Stone

Bless you Rev. Matson. I have heard your program for years and your presentation has sunk in and stayed with me. You would be surprised how you make me think.

Thinking on the Lord,
Jane Andrews

Dear Minister Matson, My name is Abderrafi Jouahri and I write to you from Fes in Morocco, my home. This is an outstanding program that you do to teach about the Lord God and all that he does for us. I am a new Christian and I have hunger for the knowledge that you share for us.

Abderrafi Jouahri

I can hear in your voice that you are a rock solid preacher with no shifty business in your ministry. That means a lot to me. It's why I'm listening. I have had it with the false prophets.

Sonya Dingler

Dear Pastor Matson, For so many years, I have listened to stations like this. But rarely have I heard such a quality program as this. I like what you are doing to save souls for our Lord Jesus.

Jose Lezama
Medallin, Colombia

I am Cheryl Heuser and I have become a fan of ON THE PATH because of the very direct approach you have to this teaching ministry. You keep my focus on the topic of the day.

Cheryl Heuser

Reliability in a Christian broadcast is very important. So few have it today. You are always a reliable source of good Christ-centered teaching. I just want you to know that I really like this and have come to be a regular listener.

Janice Mitchell

My name is Colin Worth and I listen to you in Woori Yallock, Australia often. This is my favorite program.

Colin Worth
Woori Yallock, Australia

Dear Pastor Matson, I have experienced the joy and peace that comes from being a part of the family of God. You have given me understanding of the holy word and that has helped me be in tune with the plan that God has for me.

Kate O'Quinn
Dublin, Ireland

Hello Pastor Matson. I am listening to you today in my mothers house in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She does not speak good English, but she seemed to understand you and be very touched by the message.

Carlos Ramos
Bayamon, Puerto Rico

My name Juan Munoz. I live in Lima Peru. I can't say how long I have listened to you. Maybe three or four years. I got a computer then and a friend in the U.S. told me about the UCR channel. Your program is my favorite. I love the Lord and I read my Bible. Bless you very much Minister Matson.

Juan Munoz
Lima Peru

Dear Pastor Matson, My name is Jane Rollins and I live in Atlanta. I started listening to you several years ago and I now have a group of friends who all listen to your program. Your teaching starts some great discussions and a very good Bible study group. Thanks to you we have a weekly gathering for listening to you and our small study group.

Jane Rollins

Dear Reverend Matson, Your message of this day went right inside my brain. Sometime I need a good talk from the Lord. Thank you very much.

Jose Rivera
El Paraiso , El Salvador

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